Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival


Terms and Condıtıons

Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival is a film festival open to all organizations - producers / agencies - independent – directors. All participants who will send movies to Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival (GBISFF) agree that they understand and comply with all the Rules, conditions, guidelines and disclaimers listed below related to the festival. Participants agree that the films and other materials they send to the festival can be used and / or published on the website, in digital and printed event programs, and for any promotional purposes deemed appropriate by the festival. If a film selected, all commercial or private property including all trademark or copyrighted materials shown or recorded are the responsibility of the filmmaker.  (GBISFF) reserves the right to make any necessary changes in regulations or festival scheduling to end of the festival. 


1- All submissions and payments must be received by deadline dates listed on FilmFreeway platform.


2- Films to be sent must be completed after 2010.


3. All films to compete must include English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).


4- Short films up to 50 minutes and feature films up to 160 minutes are accepted for the festival.


5. All Entry fees are paid through the FilmFreeway platform and are non-refundable.


6. We only accept the movie as a digital copy or as a YouTube / Vimeo link. If there is a password, don't forget to send it. We cannot accept movies with poor film quality. Films that are not in English, in another language but without English subtitles and with low video resolution will not be accepted.


7. All movies must be ready to show in HD format.


8. The selected films will be announced according to the notification date published on the Filmfreeway platform. Movies selected for Official Finalist Screening must provide a download link or full quality 720p or 1080p online screening file no later than one week before the festival screening.


9. The announcement of the winners on the platform will be according to the official date.


10. The decisions of the election boards and juries are final


11. Participants are obliged to obtain the release forms and permissions of all licenses and copyrights required to present their work. (GBISFF)  is not responsible for any claims that involve business copyright, trademark, credit, or copyright infringement. Films accepted within the scope of copyright disputes can be shot from the festival.


12. Before attending our festival, please carefully read the (GBISFF) Guidelines and all Terms and Conditions, as well as the Disclaimer and Rights below.


13. Movies containing pornography will be disqualified. Funds will be non-refundable.


14. Applicants will not receive a notification that their films have not been selected.


15 (GBISFF)  reserves the right to make changes to the Rules. The winning films will be announced on the festival website.


16. (GBISFF)  may make changes the films categories. Once accepted and approved, movies cannot be released from the festival.


17. The winners of the festival may obtain an official award statuette. Posting nationwide is $25 (Turkey). Sending for anywhere in the world the cost is $80 (due to mailing fees).


--- Submission Way ---


A filmmaker can submit their films and works online through online film festival partner's; or submit entries via film form available on the festival website.


--- Copyrights ---


The filmmaker or institution sending the film must have full rights and take responsibility for the content.

Only your movie will be placed online, if you wish. There must be an express acceptance of you; Otherwise, only the poster or trailer will be posted online.


--- Disclaimer ---


The applicant agrees to have read and understood the rules and regulations for (GBISFF)  participation. The applicant confirms that he/she has the requisite authority or has obtained the requisite authority from the producer/right holder to enter this film in the (GBISFF) The winners of the festival may obtain an official winners plate.  Posting nationwide is $25 (Turkey). Sending for anywhere in the world the cost is $80 (due to mailing fees). Digital certificates will ben sent by email.